Our cloud-based system is available the world over directly from your browser. It is scalable to meet the needs of the smallest to the largest of companies. With no local installation, you're always running the latest version of our software since updates occur instantaneously and remotely.

Web browser

No local installation is necessary since you just login from your web browser. We recommend that you use the web browser Google Chrome.


Be found! Online booking gets your business seen. We provide both web bookings and app bookings. Integrate our online booking form onto your website so only your company is visible and bookable. Customize our passenger app with your company’s name, logo and colors so only your company is visible and bookable.

Turn key

Our turn-key solution makes it possible for your business to be up and running within a day.

Our system works with standard equipment. Log in to our system from any computer and download our free driver and passenger apps to an Android or iPhone smartphone.


Good fit for all size businesses. Our system scales to fit the individual needs of a company at all stages of growth. Whether your company is a new startup with 2-3 vehicles or you are an established company with a fleet of 100s of vehicles, our cloud solution is flexible and robust enough to meet all needs.

The in-browser, VoIP based softphone quickly and efficiently enables the dispatcher to accept incoming calls. If the incoming number is linked to a corporate or passenger account, the account is displayed and allows the dispatcher to populate the booking form with account specific details as well as preset jobs. Not only that, the dispatcher can also make outgoing calls directly from the browser.


Our system is compatible with most leading VoIP providers who have support for the SIP standard.

Caller ID

The phone number of the incoming call is displayed and used to look up passenger details and previous jobs. This minimizes the number of keystrokes required to book a job and makes life a whole lot easier for your dispatchers.

See instruction video

Our end-to-end solution offers extensive fleet management capabilities. Our complete dispatch solution includes:

  • Online access to the owner console and dispatch console
  • A driver app for free download to both Android and iPhone
  • A passenger app for free download to Android and iPhone
  • Free integration of the online booking form and map.

By our utilization of the best mapping solution available on the market, you receive precise GPS tracking of your vehicles as well as accurate auto lookup/completion of addresses.

GPS tracking

The driver app allows you to track your vehicles on the map using the GPS of the device. Now, not only you and your dispatcher(s) will receive real time vehicle position and status updates, but so will your passengers when they book online or with the passenger app.

Auto completion of addresses

Quickly and simply book a new job. As you begin to type an address, the system will autofill suggested locations beginning with addresses within your pickup area.

See instruction video

Manage your customer relationships intelligently. Utilize passenger and corporate accounts as well as report generation to meet and exceed your customers' needs and expectations.


Generate detailed reports necessary for invoicing and salary statements. Generate reports on drivers, vehicles, closed jobs, and accounts among others. Download reports in CSV or PDF format.


Create both passenger and corporate accounts for your regular customers. Have them billed in arrears or require direct payment. Track corporate discounts. Save frequent jobs as preset jobs on an account to spare time on future bookings.

Increase your revenues by being found!

Nowadays your customers are increasingly looking to book online or from an app on their smartphone or tablet. We make sure your company is there by making it possible for you to offer them a free passenger app and easily integrate our online booking form onto your website. Attract corporate customers and acquire new contracts with the help of our online reception booking.

App booking

Receive bookings from smartphones and tablets. Our free passenger booking app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Instant and convenient booking for your passengers.

This app can also be customized with your name, logo and colors so only your company and vehicles are visible. Please contact us for more details.

Web booking

Easily embed the online booking form (and map) to your own website without any extra charges.
By pasting a small code snippet to your website, you instantly enable your customers to use a powerful, yet efficient booking tool.

Reception booking

Enable hotel receptionists to book taxis directly for their guests. Link users (receptionists) to corporate accounts to let them book taxis directly for a specific company's account. The employee's name who booked the job will be listed.

Our automated dispatch offers several ways to dispatch vehicles. Utilize our smart algorithms to dispatch jobs to the closest vehicle, automatically dispatch utilizing zone queues, or allow your dispatchers to manually select a vehicle. Customize your account by setting zones and tariffs. Zones can be used for alternative assignment methods such as zone queues and tariffs to set different rates.

Zones & plots

Divide your pickup area into zones or plots to determine automatic assignment priority and create assignment chains. Zone queue assignment prioritizes the vehicle which has been in the queue the longest (FIFO).

However, this can be overridden by the dispatcher or by creating assignment chains – an advanced feature which can be used if you want to give preference to available cars in a specific zone.

Tariffs & rates

Create different price categories based on time and day of the week. Categories can also be set to accommodate pricing for different number of passengers or size/class of vehicle. Set price zones, flat rates and taximeter rates to give the most accurate price estimate possible.

No matter where your business takes you, you can remotely access and maintain complete management control of your company. Utilize our cutting-edge cloud technology to historically track vehicles, supervise your fleet and generate reports.

User accounts

Create both corporate and passenger accounts for booking and billing purposes. Keep history of accounts, set account specific discounts and link users to account for direct booking purposes.

Fleet management

Maintain a comprehensive overview of your fleet at all times with real time GPS tracking as well as full user control. Manage shifts and create individual user (driver/dispatcher) and vehicle profiles. Among other things, keep a complete record of your drivers’ and vehicles’ license and registration information. Create additional vehicle or user tags as necessary.

Report generation

Generate detailed reports necessary for invoicing, salary statements and various other administrative tasks. List history of completed jobs including rejected and cancelled jobs. Easily see the total amount of money to collect from each driver.

Historic tracking

Track your vehicles' routes in arrears. See the exact routes they've travelled, average speed, average distance and other useful information. This complete overview will help you gain accurate insight into your company’s operations, vehicles’ fuel efficiency and your most popular booked routes. This gives you the knowledge you need to plan for future company growth.

No hardware lock in

The in-car software runs on Android and iPhone devices. Our free driver app is available on both Google Play and the App Store. Just search for “TaxiCaller driver”.

In-app navigation

Using the GPS of the smartphone or tablet, our app provides in-app street mapping/directions navigation to the pickup location as well as the drop off location.

Mobile dispatching

Take your dispatching on the go. For the times when there is no dispatcher on duty, allow certain drivers the ability to dispatch directly from the app. This function is best utilized in conjunction with our auto dispatching feature where all online bookings and app bookings get automatically assigned to a driver.

Alarm button

Your drivers' safety is of utmost concern to us! The alarm feature lets the driver alert the dispatch central in case the driver is being threatened. It's discrete, silent and unnoticeable by the passenger. A popup window opens on the operator’s screen showing the time the alarm was sent and from what address. It automatically navigates the dispatch operator’s map to the vehicle in order to follow it in real time.

See instruction video

Avoid unnecessary waiting time, keep your passengers informed! An automatic text message can be sent to your customers, alerting them the moment a vehicle has been dispatched and then again when a vehicle is waiting at the pickup location. Stand out from the crowd by doing that little extra to show your passengers you care.